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Eye Allergy

What does Ayurveda say about Eye Allergy?

Ayurveda sees eye allergy as a disturbing, strong tendency of pitta to flare up. Pitta is fire element and heat energy. Heat radiates from the eyes when pitta rises in excess. The eyes become very red, itchy or painful & sensitive to light. The vision also gets disturbed if there is an imbalance of pitta in the Nadis (energy channels) that supply blood to the eyes. A surplus of heat at this site is called "rogan". When you experience rogan you may find your whole face feeling hot along with severe itching sensation in the eyes . You may feel like crying for no reason even when nothing tearsy happens!! Ouch!! But then all joys are short-lived, aren't they?

As good as it is to be alive and feeling 'rogan' at times, there's a bright side to this story too. It means that the physical body has an active tendency of healing its own imbalance. But do not get carried away by rogan! We know how painful it can get. Now let us examine how we can prevent this from happening in the first place so that the healing happens without too much suffering.

Who is at risk?

Children, the elderly, or anyone with a weak constitution and/or excess pitta (fire) predominant doshas are at high risk for developing eye allergies. 

Ayurveda names people with pitta as Pitta Vatas, who have Vata or wind doshas in their constitution. These are the people who are 'hot-headed'. If this is your case then you would be very prone to experience eye allergies during spring season that is full of pitta-increasing conditions (windy, warm, and sunny). Ayurveda calls this pittavriksha in Sanskrit or the season when there is an increase of pitta. Similarly, dryness, cold weather, hot sun and dust will also aggravate eye allergies if you have a tendency to get them.

How to treat eye allergies through ayurveda?

A vata individual like me may experience eye allergy more severely than a pitta type, because vata is the natural aggravator of pitta. To ease the intensity of an eye allergy issue you must first identify the root cause and then treat it accordingly. 

In ayurveda if there is excess heat present at a location in your body, then pain or itching or any discomfort in that area will automatically subside. This is because excess heat causes irritation which leads to pain and itching, which are also symptoms of pitta imbalance.

A sneeze also brings relief from this heat as well as revitalizes the body by inducing blood circulation on the affected area. Similarly, ice-cubes or cold compress can bring immediate relief from pain & reduce the swelling that develops when there is an allergy. But this only causes temporary relief as it does not treat the disease but rather treats the symptom. So we must find out what is at the root of these symptoms and work on healing it permanently.

If you are pitta predominant, then you must be eating a lot of spicy, hot, and oily foods. Also your habit of eating at odd hours or when you are full can aggravate eye allergy issues. If this is your case then make sure to check out my post on a pitta-pacifying diet! Also if you drink coffee not only do you create more heat in the body, but also disturb your sleep which is very important for pitta types like me!

Eye allergy is a common disorder of the eye. A large number of people experience it every day. In fact, in many cases eye allergy is not even known to the person having it. The actual feeling that makes us aware that we are suffering from an allergic reaction is sneezing and coughing with watery discharge from nose along with red irritated eyes or itching around the eyes. These symptoms are easily noticed but not all reactions cause such severe irritation as mentioned above. Eye allergy can be caused by dust particles, dandruff, smog produced by vehicles etc which causes mild irritation to the targeted organ.

Causes of Allergy

The most common allergens affecting your eyes include: Dander, pet hair/dander, pet slobber, cosmetics or cosmetics ingredients (fragrances, preservatives, etc), dust pollen. Most of the people suffering from this condition lead a normal life despite having it but there are some who may suffer from chronic consequences which is also known as allergic conjunctivitis. The symptoms include excessive watering of eyes and redness in eye lids.

Constantly irritated eyes can result in infections which are severe enough to cause blindness in extreme cases. There is no particular way that may be used to prevent eye allergies but if you do get regularly exposed to allergens then wearing sunglasses at all times will prevent them from entering your eyes. It's almost impossible for one person to avoid all causes of allergy so seeing an ophthalmologist regularly will help to identify the allergens and prevent them from causing allergenic reactions

What are the Symptoms of Eye Allergy

In case you are suffering from any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is best to immediately contact an ophthalmologist. There are some common complaints that may be a result of other disorders which need immediate attention but in case you experience continuous watery discharge, constant itching around eyes or even redness then it might be a sign of allergy. Many people even go for days with this problem without realizing anything wrong and when they get treated late, their problem intensifies and causes more complications than what they first had.