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Akarkara: Anacyclus pyrethrum

  • This Ayurvedic herb is used for increase physical strength of a fellow
  • This is a very good aphrodisiac and very useful in premature ejaculation in males and is being used traditionally in Ayurveda for this purpose.
  • It helps in expelling the unnecessary fluids from the body
  • Akarkara relaxes the mind that is the reason it possesses and anti depressant properties so it should be used in stress and anxiety.
  • is a good anti oxidant Ayurveda herb with immunomodulator property which balances the immune system of the body
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Common Name:

Pellitory (Eng.)

Sanskrit Name:

Akarkarbha; Akarkara; Akallaka;

Lt. Name:

Anacyclus pyrethrum - Compositae

Bio energetics:

Rasa: Katu (Pungent)

Guna: Ruksha (Non unctuous); Tikshna (Sharp in action)

Virya: Ushna (Hot)

Vipaka: Katu (Pungent)

Effect of Akarkara on Doshas:

Akarkara pacifies Kapha and Vata Doshas; so it can be used effectively in diseases of Kapha and Vata origin.

Actions of Akarkara Powder according to Ayurveda:

  • Balakrit: This Ayurvedic herb strengthens the body because of its antioxidant properties.
  • Shukra stambhan: Akarkara causes retention of Semen and increase the time period of erection
  • Pratishyaya Hara: Akarkara is useful in coryza.
  • Shothahara: Akarkara removes unwanted fluids from the body thus relieves the edema and swellings and because of its effects on immune system it proves a best ayurvedic herb in case of the inflammations

Researches on Akarkara:

  • Akarkara as an Aphrodisiac: The present investigation was undertaken to evaluate effects of powder of Akarkara on sexual behavior in male rats. Thirty-two male Wistar rats were divided into control group, testosterone group, low-dose (50 mg/kg) petroleum ether extract (PEE) group and high-dose (100 mg/kg) PEE group. PEE obtained from the roots of Anacyclus pyrethrum was administered orally to albino rats once daily, and 0.5 mg/kg (body weight) of testosterone was given intramuscularly twice weekly and served as positive control. The course of treatment was 28 days. The effects of PEE and testosterone on changes in body and accessory sexual organ weights, sexual behavior, penile erection and sexual performance were studied before treatment, after 15 and 28 days of treatment and 7 and 15 days after treatment. After 28 days of treatment, PEE and testosterone had a marked influence on body and accessory sexual organ weights as compared with arachis oil. The treated male rats were more receptive and oriented towards female rats and increased precopulatory activities like licking and sniffing of female anogenital were observed. The penile erection index was significantly increased with reduction in mount latency and intromission latency period. There were four-fold increase in mount and three-fold increase in intromission frequency in treated rats reflecting improved sexual performance. Unlike testosterone, the PEE of Anacyclus pyrethrum shows efficacy in rats tested after the lapse of 7 and 15 days of discontinuation of treatment. This suggests that Akarkara powder has prolonged effect and capacitate the treated rats for improved sexual potential.
    • Effects of petroleum ether extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum Powder DC on sexual behaviour in male rats. Sharma V, Thakur M, Chauhan NS, Dixit VK
  • Anti depressant: The present study was designed to screen antidepressant activity of Anacyclus pyrethrum(AP) root extract. An experiment was designed by different method such as Locomotor activity, Haloperidol-induced catalepsy, Forced swim test (FST), Tail suspension test (TST), Clonidine-induced hypothermia and Reserpine-induced hypothermia on Swiss male albino mice. Standard root extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum (AP root extract) showed an increase in ambulatory behavior indicating a stimulant effect of the photoactometer. AP root extract produces a significant antidepressant effect in both FST and TST as they reduced the immobility. AP root extract was found to be effective in reversing hypothermia produced by clonidine and reserpine. In our study, we found that AP root extract inhibited haloperidol-induced catalepsy. These study suggest that AP root extract might produce antidepressant effect by interaction with adrenergic and dopamine receptor thereby increasing the level of noradrenaline and dopamine in brains of mice.
  • Evaluations of antidepressant activity of Anacyclus pyrethrum root extract SR Badhe, RV Badhe, MM Ghaisas, VV Chopade, AD Deshpande
  • Immunostimulating activity of the hot water-soluble polysaccharide extracts of Anacyclus pyrethrum, Alpinia galanga and Citrullus colocynthis D Bendjeddou, K Lalaoui, D Satta
  • Root extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum ameliorates seizures, seizure-induced oxidative stress and cognitive impairment in experimental animalsMonika Pahuja, Jogender Mehla, K.H. Reeta, Sujata Joshi, Yogendra Kumar Gupta
  • Immuno – stimulating: Hot water polysaccharide extracts of Anacyclus pyrethrumCitrullus colocynthis and Alpinia galanga were tested for their immunostimulating activity in mice. The fractions from Anacyclus pyrethrum and Alpinia galanga showed a marked stimulating effect on the reticulo-endothelial system (RES) and increased the number of peritoneal exudate cells (PEC), and spleen cells of mice. In this case, the optimum doses were 50 and 25 mg/kg for the two fractions, respectively. On the other hand, the polysaccharide extracts of bothAnacyclus pyrethrum and Alpinia galanga markedly enhanced the proliferation of the murine spleen cells in vitro using two tests (in vitro and in vivo effect). The results of the in vivo effect at a doses of 50 and 25 mg/kg, showed a stimulation index better than obtained with the in vitro effect at 50 and 25 μg/ml for Anacyclus pyrethrum and Alpinia galanga, respectively. While the extract of Citrullus colocynthis showed much weaker and variable immunostimulating activity.
  • Anti seizure and anti depressant: The present study evaluates the effect of hydroalcoholic extract of A. pyrethrum (HEAP) root against seizures, seizure-induced oxidative stress and cognitive impairment in experimental models of seizures. Male Wistar rats were used in the study. HEAP was administered in doses of 50, 100, 250, 500 in pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) model and 250, 500 and 1000http://www.epires-journal.com/webfiles/images/transparent.gifmg/kg in maximal electroshock (MES) model. Myoclonic jerk latency and generalized tonic clonic seizures (GTCS) were noted in PTZ whereas occurrence of tonic hind limb extension (THLE) was observed in MES seizures. Cognitive deficit was assessed using elevated plus maze and passive avoidance tests. Whole brain reduced glutathione, malondialdehyde levels and cholinesterase activity were measured. HEAP showed 50, 66.7, 83.3 and 100% protection at 50,100, 250 and 500http://www.epires-journal.com/webfiles/images/transparent.gifmg/kg, respectively against GTCS in PTZ induced seizures. In MES induced seizures, HEAP produced 16.7, 33.3 and 50% protection against THLE at 250, 500 and 1000http://www.epires-journal.com/webfiles/images/transparent.gifmg/kg, respectively. HEAP administration significantly prevented seizure induced oxidative stress and cognitive impairment in a dose-dependent manner. HEAP also normalized the decrease in cholinesterase activity caused by seizures. Thus, HEAP showed protective effect against seizures, seizure-induced oxidative stress and cognitive impairment in rats..
  • Anti oxidant: The ethanolic extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum root was screened for invitro and exvivo antioxidant activities by using different experimental models .Safer antioxidants suitable for long term use are needed to prevent or stop the progression of free radical mediated disorders such as arthritis, hemorrhagic shock, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hepatic injury, aging neurodegenerative diseases and carcinogenesis .antioxidant activity of ethanolic extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum root were assessed using DPPH, hydroxyl, hydrogen peroxide ,determination of reducing power ,nitric oxide in vitro scavenging models and ex vivo models such as assay on lipid peroxidation using rat brain homogenate .The extract were also studied for total phenolic, flavonoids ,and ascorbic acid compounds content. The ethanolic extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum root exhibited significant scavenging activity in DPPH, hydroxyl, hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide in vitro scavenging models. The reducing power of the extract increased in dose dependant manner and the extract also showed marked protection in lipid peroxidation the ethanolic extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum root shows significant antioxidant activity in different in vitro and ex vivo models. The antioxidant potential of the Anacyclus pyrethrum root extract may due to their photochemical constituents such as phenols, flavonoids, alkaloids, tannins. Thus augmenting the wide use of plant in the indigenous system of medicine for free radical mediated disease.

Useful part of Akarkara:

Powder of Roots

Doses of Akarkara:

Roots powder: ½ - 1gm

Some combinations with Akarkara:

Akarkarbhadi Churna

Side Effects of Akarkara:

  • If Akarkara powder is taken in excess dose; it might cause excessive salivation, increased heart rate, unconsciousness and bleeding tendencies.
  • If the above said signs are present; the fellow should take milk and other Pitta pacifying measurements.

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