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Colicare: Ensuring Healthy Gut

  1. Colikare helps in healing the internal mucosa of the intestine.
  2. Controls the local immune response
  3. Works well as an immunity modulator. 
  4. Improves digestion.
  5. Stops bleeding with stool.
  6. Controls the shedding of the mucosa. 
  7. Improves body weight 
  8. Colikare capsule helps in avoiding the complications of Ulcerative Colitis. 
  9. Research oriented product
  10. Clinically proven. 
  11. Completely natural product
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Ayurvedic Medicine for Ulcerative Colitis 

The aggravated immune system confuses the self and non-self. Because of this immune system starts eating up the inner mucosa of the colon. This is a condition where mucous membrane starts shedding of and Because of this blood starts coming with the stool Along with blood mucus also start shedding off from the intestines this is the condition of Ulcerative colitis. 

This capsule helps in two ways

  1. The first thing this capsule does is restore the normal immune system.
  2. Secondly, the capsule helps in repairing the Internal mucosa so that bleeding and mucus will stop.

The capsule contains several herbs along with coconut oil the process of preparing the oil is based on Ayurvedic principles. Where we process the oil in a scientific way so that active principles of the Herbs are absorbed in the oil. 

The coconut oil increases the bioavailability of the active medicines of the colicare capsule. 


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