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Kapha Herbal Tea

Take a deep breath and brew up some zen as you go through your day with this Kapha Herbal Tea. You can depend on the natural herbs to help reduce acid reflux, ease allergies, promote healthy lungs and clear congestion. Better yet, there are extra health benefits to help strengthen immunity while balancing mucosal health for improved stamina and strength too! Pure herbal goodness in every sip.

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Kapha Herbal Tea is an ayurvedic tea that keeps you feeling energetic. The amazing herbs in this tea are effective at clearing up colds, as well as enhancing your respiratory system and immunity. The ingredients help fight mental fatigue during stressful times by circulating oxygen throughout your body's cells to provide them with the energy they need to function properly. When we drink Kapha Herbal Tea daily, it also helps balance mucosal membranes for healthier skin and tissue regeneration against infections. It can be brewed using one tablespoon of leaves steeped in hot water or comes ready to drink in a 12 oz glass bottle that makes eight glasses of refreshing herbal goodness all year long!


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