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Krauncha: Mucuna prurita

  • One of the best Natural remedy to improve physical strength
  • The best Ayurvedic herb for weight gain
  • An Aphrodisiac Ayurvedic herb
  • Useful in management of all the diseases involving the nervous system
  • The best Ayurvedic Remedy for Parkinsonism
  • Recommended therapy for male infertility and impotence as well as female infertility
  • It serves as good aphrodisiacs and induces an immediate sense of pleasurable excitement, along with increased fertile seminal secretions even in an aging person
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Common Name:
Cowhage (Eng.)

Sanskrit Name:

  • Kapikachchhu- Means its stellate hair cause itching over skin when come in contact with any body part
  • Aatmagupta- As its fruit is covered by stellate hair as if making protective cover over itself
  • Markati- Because it looks like a monkey due to stellate hair over it
  • Kandura- As it causes kandu (Itching) when comes in contact with skin
  • Shookashimbi- Means its seeds are like cereals in structure
  • Krauncha

Lt. Name:
Mucuna pruriata- Leguminosae

Bio energetics:

  • Rasa (Taste)- Madhura (Sweet); Tikta (Bitter)
  • Guna (Characteristics)- Guru (Heavy); Snigdha (Unctuous)
  • Veerya (Potency)- Ushna (Warm)
  • Vipaka (Post digestion effect)- Madhura (Sweet)

Effect of Kapikachchhu Powder on Tridoshas:

Kapikachchhu Powder pacifies Vata and increases Kapha and Pitta i.e. useful in management of diseases resulting from aggravation of air part of body and decrease of water and fire part of body.

Home Remedial Uses of Krauncha Powder in Ayurveda:

  • Balya- It is one of the best nutritive Ayurvedic herb. It is recommended as the best dietary supplement for physical strength.
  • Vrishya- One of the best aphrodisiac Ayurvedic herb.
  • Bruhamna- Bruhamna means to add in the bulk of body. It is a natural herbal remedy for weight gain.
  • Vatahari- Because of its sweet taste and hot potency it pacifies the destructive Vata Dosha.
  • Bajikara- Means it is recommended therapy for male infertility and impotence as well as female infertility. It serves as good aphrodisiacs and induces an immediate sense of pleasurable excitement, along with increased fertile seminal secretions even in an aging person.

Research done on Krauncha Powder:

  • The pharmacological action of Krauncha is due to action of levodopa on the brain. Evidence indicates that symptoms of Parkinson's disease are related to depletion of stratal dopamine activity in basal ganglia. The seed powder of the leguminous plant, Mucuna pruriens Powder has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine for diseases including Parkinsonism.
  • Levodopa is metabolic precursor of dopamine and unlike dopamine can cross the blood-brain barrier. Once in the brain it is decarboxylated to form dopamine.
  • Kapikachchhu Powder improves all the signs and symptoms of Parkinsonism. Bradykinesia responds first followed by rigidity and tremors. Improvement of these primary neurological symptoms is accompanied by similar improvement in overall functional ability. Secondary motor symptoms such as disturbance in posture, gait, associated movements, facial expression, speech, handwriting, swallowing and respiration are also prominently improved.
  • Krauncha also favorably influences the psychic behaviors producing a sense of well-being, an increased interest in self and surroundings. After initial treatment regimen, the beneficial effects of Kapikachchhu Powder can be maintained for prolonged periods by smaller maintenance dose.
  • The clinical studies with mucuna seed powder suggest that this natural source of L-dopa might possess advantages over conventional L-dopa preparations in the long term management of Parkinson's disease. (J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry. 2004)

Useful part of Krauncha in Ayurveda:

Seeds; Root

Doses of Krauncha in Ayurveda:

Powder of seeds- 3-6gm

Some combinations of Krauncha Powder in Ayurveda:

Vanari gutika; Mashabaladi pachana;

Best recommended Uses of Krauncha Powder in Ayurveda:

  • Decoction of roots of Mucuna when allowed to stand for some time in vagina, it causes vagina to constrict.
  • Kapikachchhu Powder is the best herb for pacifying Vata - the bio humor that controls the working of nervous system; besides this it is also a great aphrodisiac.

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