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  • Herbal solution for constipation
  • No-habit forming formula
  • Doesn't causes irritation in the intestines
  • Regularises the bowel habits
  • Helps the digestive system and gut health. 
  • Balances the water and buffer system. 
  • Assists the system in a better way.
  • Reduces the chances of the piles. 
  • Constipation relief helps in the healing of the piles
  • Helps to reduce the osmotic pressure of the external as well internal piles.
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Herbal Supplement for Constipation 

The human body nourishes on fuel, which is basically a connection between body and universe. And every fuel has its own by-products. These by-products should be removed from the body. The main by-product of the food is "stool". The stool should be removed properly. 

When the body can not remove stool from the intestines this condition is known as constipation. And a collection of the waste in the body leads to different problems. 

Most of constipation relieving medicines lead to- 

  • Habit formation. 
  • Leads to dependencies on these products. 
  • Causes irritation in the intestine. 
  • Irregularities in the digestive system are the major problem with all these products for the relief of constipation.


Amla is a main Ayurvedic herb that helps in regularising intestinal movements and because Amala is rich in Vitamin C, it also helps as a rejuvenator too. 


Second, among the Triphala, leads to the normal working of the digestive juices. This helps in regularising the normal intestinal movements


This best one for balancing the digestive system. Haritaki, famous as harad helps in restoring natural bowel movements. Besides this, it helps in scrapping the deposited stool from the intestines. 


This helps in the digestion of the toxins and converts these into stool so that the health of the intestine can remain intact. Because Saunf Laxocare doesn't lead to any intestinal irritation.

Senna Leaves

Senna leaves soften the stool and after liquifying the stool it helps in removing the pressure from the colon.

Castor Oil

The worst change any laxative causes is the dryness in the intestine. Because of the dryness, these medicines lead to habit-forming. Castor oil helps in the lubrication of the whole intestine.

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