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Ossium Powder

Ossium powder is a natural test which improves the blood supply to your bone marrow. It helps you get rid of Avascular Necrosis and acts as an alternate supplement for Low BMD patients. Ossium powder also prevents osteoporosis by enhancing nourishment in the bones. If you are looking for a complete solution, this is it!
Ossium powder: 
-Improves nutrition to bones 
-No side effects reported 
-Reduces pain due to disorders like arthritis 
-Heals fractures and other injuries

  • Ossium powder improves blood supply to bone marrow. 
  • Helps to cure Avascular Necrosis. 
  • Had proven effect in patients of AVN. 
  • Improves bone health
  • Fastens process of bone healing in Low BMD patients.
  • Stops Osteoporosis
  • Improves nourishment of the bone.
  • Completely herbal and safe prepartation. 
  • Have proven results and Clinically well established
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AVN AYURVEDIC MEDICINEOssium Powder is the research-based Ayurvedic medicine for Avascular Necrosis aka osteonecrosis. Besides AVN of any bone and tissue, Ossium powder works well in the conditions like- Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, and certain Autoimmune diseases. 

The conceptualization of the Ossium powder is based completely on Ayurvedic Principles only.

As per Ayurveda, this is not a lack of calcium that is responsible for the faster decay of the bones.

The prime reason for bone problems is- lack of blood supplies to the bones and bone marrow causes the problems like osteoporosis and avascular necrosis.

Ossium powder helps to restore the blood supply, therefore works well in these conditions. 

Ayurvedic Medicine for Avascular Necrosis

Ossium Powder is not just a supplement; it's an herbal remedy that prevents avascular necrosis and osteoporosis! Ossium Powder, when taken in conjunction with good diet and exercise can improve bone health. 
The ingestion of Ossium powder improves blood supply to the bone marrow which leads to enhanced production of red blood cells. To help you better understand how it works, think about how your muscles receive oxygen from your bloodstream directly through arteries. With this additional blood flow, the rate at which bone healing occurs will be improved; and because of ossum’s anti-inflammatory properties, vitality may also increase--allowing for more pain-free movements as well as better structural stability in mature adults or children who are beginning

When it is about Avascular necrosis of bones, the things are clear from the name of the disease alone. This is a stoppage of blood supply to the affected bone because of which the condition of bone necrosis appears. 

In the human body, everything is centric on "nutrition". Because the human body doesn't have the skill like plants to make its own food and fuel. We all are dependent on our surroundings- nature and our co-creatures for nutrition. When we consume something, that particular foodstuff should be converted to something "consumable" by the body. After that, the blood carries the same nutrition to the different parts. When this nourishment doesn't reach its destination- this leads to the death of the cells and decay of that part.

The same happens in Avascular Necrosis. 

Ossium powder helps in restoring the blood supply. And once blood supply improves, it arrests the further progress of the disease, and reversal of the Avascular Necrosis is evident in many of the users of Ossium. 

Ossium powder along with Ankylocare Capsules, Maha Manjisthadi Kashayam, and Tab M-Forte, helps together to remove the Bone marrow edema in Avascular Necrosis and Osteoporosis. 

Ossium Powder for Osteoarthritis

Now research has proven that this is not calcium in most cases, which leads to osteoporosis. Basically, the decay of red bone marrow tissues in the bone is responsible for conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. 

Everywhere, you can find certain products which have Calcium and other minerals for bone health. But there is a scarcity of something which can address the root cause of the problem. Ossium is the first Ayurvedic product that helps with the approach of red bone marrow, therefore gives better results in the conditions like- osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. 

Ingredients of Ossium Powder 

Ossium powder contains the following herbs- 

  • Giloya Sattava
  • Gokshura 
  • Triphala
  • Triaktu 
  • Musta

These are the simple 9 items in the Ossium powder. 

At eVaidyaJi we use the highest quality of herbs and try to collect everything from their natural habitat so that the quality of the medicine will be the highest. 

Ossium: The approach behind the product

The problem of bone decay is the most common problem, all around the world. And females are suffering from these conditions more when it comes to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. 

Calcium had been taken and sold in tons in the last few years, but this problem with the joints kept on complicating. There are more and more patients around us. 

An increase in the cases shows; the solution which we are offering is not "accurate" and "effective". And there was a big vacuum for this solution. 

eVaidyaJi research team has worked for years in association with Vaidya Pardeep's Sukhayu Ayurved to find the proper solution for this problem. And after years of research, we have developed - Ossium Powder and Ossium-8 capsules.

These two products are developed for Bone and Bone Marrow issues and results are very much assuring. 

The uniqueness of the Ossium is in the terms of its ingredients. Here we are discussing these- one by one

Giloya Sattva

This is the aqueous extract from the Tinospora cordifolia- the famous Gilo or Giloya. The process to extract this aqueous extract is tedious and complicated. From one Kg of the Giloya Stem, the yield remains only 40 gms. 

The Ossium Powder contains- 50% of this highly processed Giloya Sattava from eVaidyaJi. 


This helps in purification of the blood and opens the deep-seated channels. 


Science has proven the role of the kidneys in bone health, a healthy kidney is an assurance for the healthy bones because the channels are so deeply connected. Gokshura, tribulus tresteris is well-proven herb for this purpose because it ensures the normal functioning of the kidney and keeps the calcium channel under control. 

Triphala & Trikatu 

While working on a herb, the most important thing is to ensure the proper bioavailability of the active ingredients and to make sure the herbs will work properly. This is done through the wonderful combinations of the Triphala and Trikatu. 

Triphala is an equal amount combination of - Amala, Harad, and Baheda while Triaktu is a mix of long pepper, dry ginger, and pepper. 


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