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Ayurvedic Medicine for Osteoporosis

In the late 90s, there was a revolution for calcium products. Every woman was told to use any type of calcium product to avoid osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. But this theory didn’t prove enough and within 20 years of calcium usage the problem of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis kept on increasing among the females. Then came the vitamin D theory. And the message was that If you’re not using vitamin D along with calcium then osteoporosis cannot be avoided.

How does Osteocare Cure the Issues of Bones?

The problem was we never walk down the calcium metabolism of the body. We were just ensuring the best supply of calcium. But this is not a quantitative abundance of anything which will prove nutritious to the body. The quality matters. When we can ensure the proper quality of nutrients. 

We can certainly help the body to recover.

But in most of the cases the products which are coming for the bones and joint health, are promoting the different kinds of calcium. 

My product contains absorbable calcium. Then whose product doesn’t contain the absorbable calcium we don’t know

Because at eVaidyaJi Wellness we come from my lineage Vaidyas that is why we understand the requirement of clinically working medicines.

The concept behind osteocare capsules is very simple. We are not providing any kind of new or old calcium. The aim of osteocare capsules is to promote and balance the calcium metabolism inside the body so that your bones can retain the calcium.

Today we know aspects of calcium decay from the body- 

  1. The first one is a lesser blood supply to the red bone marrow in the bones. This impacts the bones because the nutrition of the bone or calcified part is coming from inside out. And when their blood supply to bone marrow is not proper this will cause the key of the bone.
  2. The second one is which is not related to the bones but impacts the bones very closely and this our kidneys. If we cannot promote the proper health of kidneys we cannot save the joints and bones.

Osteocare capsules work well with both angles. It improves the blood supply of the bone marrow and also balances the access between bones and kidneys. 


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