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Pitta Tea

This exquisite blend is an expert in balancing the extra heat that consumes Pitta Dosha's. The perky aroma lingers around you, feeling like a gust of cool wind cooling down your clothing and body. Enjoy this day-to-day blend that soothes acidity, as well as liver function with Ayurvedic herbs known for their calming power on upset tummies and calming through deep breaths to relieve stress.

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Pitta Tea is a delicious herbal tea made with ancient ayurvedic knowledge. The pitta balancing blend of ingredients in Pitta Tea helps the body to stay balanced and cool down, producing relief for acidic stomach and improving liver function. Crafted by artisans who know natural remedies, this deliciously sweet drink with potent herbs will give you sustainable relief from your burning woes without any side effects. Get your bottles today!


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