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Respirar Powder

Respirar powder is a natural, therapeutic remedy for various breathing issues that is time-tested and perfect. It can be used to for Allergic Asthma Treatment along with chronic cough. People who have lung-related problems such as sarcoidosis, bronchitis, or ILD (interstitial pulmonary disease) will find it immensely useful too. RESPIRAR POWDER works magically well on the entire respiratory system because of its nature-based ingredients and amazing formulation. Regular usage of this medicinal powder not only soothes the symptoms but also promotes long-term healing without any side effects!

  • A well-researched Ayurvedic Medicine for Asthma.
  • Helps in the treatment of COPD.
  • Aims in "REMOVING TAR" from lungs in Smokers. 
  • Helps in the treatment of interstitial lung diseases (ILD). 
  • A natural, non-sedative option for Chronic Cough
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Sore throat, chest congestion, and difficulty breathing are all because of the wet lungs. 
Coughing violently doesn't help to remove phlegm and mucus but RESPIRAR Powder balances out the moisture in the lungs. 
A cough or asthma cannot be cured merely by removing mucus from your body as it also affects the respiratory system. Sufferers can now have what they've always wanted - breathlessness free life with RESPIRAR powder!

This works well with RESPIRAR Capsules. This we name REAPIRAR DUO. 

Ayurvedic medicine for Asthma

It is an Ayurvedic formulation used for the treatment of Asthma where the patient experiences spasm in breathing passages. Asthma patients are sensitive to certain factors like dust, pollen, smoke, cold air, etc. Ayurvedic medicine for Asthma helps to restore the balance of Vata dosha in the body which is responsible for triggering the spasm of breathing passages. Ayurvedic medicine for Asthma balances out the excess of moisture and phlegm within the respiratory system.

It is an Ayurvedic formulation used for the treatment of Bronchial asthma and COPD. COPD patients have a problem breathing out air from their lungs due to which phlegm gets collected within the lungs and obstructs the free flow of air. Ayurvedic medicine for Asthma helps to induce Vata which expels out the excess phlegm from respiratory passages and maintains healthy bronchi. Ayurvedic medicine for COPD helps to maintain a healthy immune system in order to fight against various diseases associated with the lungs.

How does Respirar powder help in Bronchial Asthma Attacks?

Respirar powder helps in Bronchial asthma by restoring the balance of Vata dosha. It treats the spasms caused due to excess moisture and phlegm in breathing passages that obstruct normal breathing, which cause asthma attacks. Respirar powder is a pure herbal preparation with herbs like clove, bhumyamalaki, punarnava etc. which induce vata to expel out excess mucus from the respiratory system. This helps in ease for patients of Bronchial Asthma.

Asthma treatment using Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment is effective in the management of Asthma. It heals the respiratory system along with its related disorders like mucus, coughing, etc., by curing the root cause itself of asthma. Here, it plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system that can fight against any disease or disorder like bronchitis, cold and cough, etc

Respirar Powder is one of the wonderful medicine for relieving asthma symptoms that aids in the maintenance of healthy respiratory airflow. Powder for breathing aids in the removal of excess moisture and phlegm from the respiratory system, which obstructs free airflow within respiratory passages and causes a variety of respiratory issues including asthma attacks, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia.This herbal medicine has its clinical efficacy over inhaled corticosteroids.

How does Respirar help in Allergic Asthma?

Respirar powder helps in allergic asthma by balancing the excess moisture and phlegm within respiratory passages. It cures the root cause of asthma by maintaining a healthy immune system. Respirar powder is an Ayurvedic drug that treats all types of respiratory ailments, including allergic asthma.

Ingredients of Respirar Powder

  • Lavnga (Cloves) 
  • Elaichi (Cardamom)
  • Punarnava 
  • Bhumyamalaki 
  • Usheer 
  • Kamla Patra
  • Nagkeshara 
  • Jatamansi 
  • Pippali 
  • Shunthi 
  • Bhringraj 
  • Nagarmotha 
  • Sugar Candy 

Role of individual ingredients

Cloves (Lavnaga)

- Inhaling clove oil has been found to be very effective in reducing flu symptoms and influenza.

- Cloves strengthen the immune system by stimulating natural killer cells, macrophages and T lymphocytes in our body which fight infections.

- The eugenol present in cloves also is a potent antibacterial agent that can help fight against bacterial and fungal infections.

- Cloves have also been found to lower blood pressure, as they contain beta blockers that relax the smooth muscles in our body which regulates heart rate.

Cardamom (Elaichi)

- Cardamom has been found to be effective in treating coughs and cold.

- The thymol present in cardamoms helps break up the phlegm which is responsible for congestion, coughing and other symptoms of respiratory problems.


- Punarnava is an excellent herb to help relieve asthma and bronchitis symptoms.

- The leaves of this plant are also considered useful in the treatment of coughs, colds, sore throat and congestion.

Phyllanthus niruri

- Phyllanthus niruri is an excellent herb to reduce congestion and respiratory problems.

- The leaves of this plant are also considered useful in the treatment of coughs, colds, sore throat and congestion.


- Ginger is considered to be one of the most powerful herbs for treating respiratory problems.

- It contains antispasmodic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe a sore throat or cough as well as reduce inflammation in our lungs.

- Ginger is considered useful in the treatment of coughs, colds and sore throat.

Long pepper

- Long pepper is considered to be one of the best herbs for coughs, cold and sore throat.


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