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  • This helps in maintaining the normal function of the thyroid
  • Thyrocare capsule Ensures the normal functioning of parathyroid glands
  • Tyro care capsule helps in maintaining calcium metabolism
  • It reduces the negative impact of thyroid conditions
  • This is all-natural
  • This product is clinically proven
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The thyroid imbalance is a condition that is very much common among females nowadays. The treatment of thyroid problems is to replace now hormones only. Patients are advised to continue with certain hormones according to hypo and hyper conditions. This is a very cost-effective and easy method of treatment. But prolonged use of these hormones impacts the metabolism and functioning of the body.

The eVaidyaJi wellness has prepared the Thyrocare capsule to help in all types of conditions of the thyroid.

Tyro care capsule aims in improving the metabolism of calcium because in most cases of thyroid calcium starts disappearing from the body. It causes osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Besides this tyro care capsule will help you to balance the relation between other endocrinological systems Like ovulation and other processes.


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