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Vata Herbal Tea

Vata Tea-the perfect way to balance your dosha and get back on track. Give Vata Tea a try! 
"Vata Tea not only tastes great, but it also makes you feel great."

Vata Tea is a blend of naturally grown herbs, each one hand-selected for its properties to balance the Vata dosha of your body and make you feel better on the inside. These organic remedies promote increased energy levels, healthier digestion, and improved sleep quality. And with joint health already in mind from the first sip to the last swallow, this tea will take care of what aches all day long--in every way possible!

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What is Vata Herbal Tea?

Vata Herbal Tea is a naturally herb-based herbal beverage. It is an Ayurvedic formulation, balanced for people who suffer from excess Vata (wind), that helps to calm irritability, anxiety, nervousness, and restlessness. It also helps rebalance digestion and elimination while boosting energy levels.

What makes Vata Herbal Tea special?

It contains natural herbs with soothing properties like ginger, licorice root, and fennel seed in perfect balance with fruits like Devdaru and Shatpushpa. All ingredients are organically grown in India using traditional Ayurvedic methods of cultivation. The recipe was designed by eVaidyaJi's team of experts after years of research on the subject. The contents are compatible with strict vegetarian/vegan diets and gluten-free.

How is Vata Herbal Tea different from other herbal teas?

It's a complete, one-of-its-kind formula made up of ingredients chosen carefully for their ability to work together to support a healthy body and mind. It was developed as an alternative to synthetic medications but without any side effects or interactions with other medications. And unlike food-based drinks which tend to be too heavy or lacking in nutrients, it contains essential minerals like calcium that help maintain bone health. It tastes great, delivers you all-natural energy all day without leaving an artificial 'buzz', and doesn't contain sugar or calories. It's easy to mix and best of all, it's completely natural.


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